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SIC Another Agito

A kind soul of the internet managed to re-upload the Cruel Angel version of the Agito subs, which means I finally get to finish what many claim to be one of the best Kamen Rider series out there.  As I’ve been watching I finally got to the point where they’ve introduced Another Agito, and since I just recently received this SIC set in the mail I figured it was a perfect time to take a look at it.  This figure comes in a set with Kamen Rider Gills, and I had been trying to figure out if I wanted to review them separately or since you’d be spending money on them both anyway, review them together.  Gills, like ZX just frustrates the heck out of me, so instead of going into another negative review I figured I’d start with the highpoint and intermingle aspects of Gills where I can in case I decide not to review him proper.  Read on to see how it goes!

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Brickvault: Crazy Scientist and His Monster

I’ve been wanting to do a Lego review for awhile now, and have been racking my brain over a way to do it justice, so expect this format to change as I nail down a style.  Hey new challenges keeps the mind sharp I figure!  I will say off the bat, I’m far from an expert in Lego, just getting back into it after leaving the hobby back in Middle School I’ve not kept up with the current trends.  Suffice to say everything is ‘new’ to me.  So if I don’t know something or seem amazed by something that at this point is trivial then I apologize.   Also something I noticed while photographing this, there are a LOT of bits and bobs that I could go on and on about, but since I like to try to keep my narrative short, I’ll try to just stick to some key items.  But enough backstory, on to the review! Read the rest of this entry

D-Arts Zero Version 2

Hoo it’s been awhile, that tends to happen when all your preorders don’t ship until the end of the month. Anyway Mega Man, where do I even begin with Mega Man. This character and his game franchise was one of my absolute favorites as a kid, second only to the Metroid series. Unfortunately a game franchise spanning two decades, fifty games, and both American and Japanese cartoons hasn’t had much in the way of impressive action figures. There were some short-lived lines here and there from Bandai, and a few model kits released in Japan, but nothing that really gave the Blue Bomber the respect I feel he deserves. That is until the D-Arts line, the line developed by Bandai to encompass various video game and anime properties (one of which I’ve already reviewed before) Since its inception we’ve been blessed with Mega Man X, Full Armor Mega Man X1, Zero(V1) and soon a Vile! The latest release is Zero as he’s depicted in every Mega Man X game after the first. Read on for the review.

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