D-Arts Zero Version 2

Hoo it’s been awhile, that tends to happen when all your preorders don’t ship until the end of the month. Anyway Mega Man, where do I even begin with Mega Man. This character and his game franchise was one of my absolute favorites as a kid, second only to the Metroid series. Unfortunately a game franchise spanning two decades, fifty games, and both American and Japanese cartoons hasn’t had much in the way of impressive action figures. There were some short-lived lines here and there from Bandai, and a few model kits released in Japan, but nothing that really gave the Blue Bomber the respect I feel he deserves. That is until the D-Arts line, the line developed by Bandai to encompass various video game and anime properties (one of which I’ve already reviewed before) Since its inception we’ve been blessed with Mega Man X, Full Armor Mega Man X1, Zero(V1) and soon a Vile! The latest release is Zero as he’s depicted in every Mega Man X game after the first. Read on for the review.

Figure Design
Zero is, for lack of a better term, absolutely amazing. The sculpt is perfect. Granted for a Mega Man character that doesn’t take much as they are relatively simple character designs but that just makes them look all the nicer when done well. He’s adorned with multiple applications of clear plastic that just glow when the light hits them just right. The white and gold paint applications have a pearlescent sheen to them, and the Bandai Silver is just in all the right places. His hair piece is also nicely sculpted with a darker paint wash that helps bring out the detail (even to this day it’s still weird to me that it’s hair as I always thought it was a cape at first). There’s one structural issue that I feel I should address though. His hair is made of a solid hunk of plastic. This tends to make him a bit back-heavy and I really think it would have helped if they would have at least made his feet solid pieces of plastic as well. As such the entire lower leg is hollow which can make balance a pain. There are also a lot of difference between this version and Version 1 than even I was prepared for. The shoulders are obvious, but as you look closer, the helmet, chest, torso, crotch, Z-Buster and even the forearms and shins are completely new sculpts. This makes this essentially as different a figure to Version 1 as the X-Armor is to X!

Zero comes with a fair bit of weaponry. He’s packaged with his Z-Buster equipped but that can be removed and replaced with a regular arm. Also included is an alternate piece for the front of the Buster that can be used to plug in shot effect parts. You’re also given two additional faces that can be a chore to replace, and a frightening chore at that! But the real star(s) of the show is his Z-Saber(s) The first release of Zero did not come with these as the MMX1 Zero did not have a sword yet himself. Here you’re given three different versions, standard, slashing, and pointy. The pointy version is for giving to X to homage Mega Man X 6, where X utilized the Z-Saber in his arsenal, a nice touch. The swords all have a really nice BandaiSilver airbrush application on them that really helps convey the energy of the swords. One thing that’s nice about these is for once the end of the handle is removable to allow for easier insertion into the palms. All three swords also detach at the blade, and can plug into a socket on his back to allow for ‘storage’ One thing I wish they would have included is some sort of shot effect parts. Yes I can just as easily cannibalize a set from one of my other releases but it would have been nice to not have to do that. Also let it be said that I would buy dozens of effect part sets that replicated Zero’s various abilities throughout the games, give me Hyouretsuzan (Ice Stab), Ryuenjin (Dragon Flame Blade), Raijingeki (Thunder God Attack), and just purple and green blades!

Articulation is what one would expect from a Bandai -Arts line. I’m not going to go too into detail with the specific joints because I’m already going on longer than I’d like. All the joints are there that he needs but he does have some limitations and are honestly my only bad marks with the figure. This hips still have that same problem the other Mega Man figures have had where the legs never seem like they’re sitting right on the body. The knee covers also like to not cooperate and tend to expose his knee joint more than I’d like. The hair causes a lot of collision problems (he always seems like he’s looking down) and I’m honestly a little terrified with how small of a joint is connecting to his head, however it IS a bit bigger than his V1 joint. The hips on mine are also very loose, which combined with the balance issues makes a Tamashii Stage almost essential for any sort of posing, I also have an arm pop-off problem but nothing that can’t be carefully avoided/fixed. Otherwise he feels more naturally posable than most Figuarts releases, despite having less joint engineering.

Buy it, then go buy X, then the X1 Armor, then ZeroV1, and Preorder Vile while you’re at it. It would take these toys to be absolutely abysmal for me to not recommend them. If you enjoy good toys, Mega Man, video games, or you just like robot men with swords you owe it to yourself to own this figure. I eagerly await and hope for Colonel, Axel, Sigma and oodles of Mavericks (Maga Dragoon!)


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  1. Love the pics you made for this review. I’ve been waiting as long as you for truly great X figures, and I can’t believe we’re getting them.

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