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Brickvault: Crazy Scientist and His Monster

I’ve been wanting to do a Lego review for awhile now, and have been racking my brain over a way to do it justice, so expect this format to change as I nail down a style.  Hey new challenges keeps the mind sharp I figure!  I will say off the bat, I’m far from an expert in Lego, just getting back into it after leaving the hobby back in Middle School I’ve not kept up with the current trends.  Suffice to say everything is ‘new’ to me.  So if I don’t know something or seem amazed by something that at this point is trivial then I apologize.   Also something I noticed while photographing this, there are a LOT of bits and bobs that I could go on and on about, but since I like to try to keep my narrative short, I’ll try to just stick to some key items.  But enough backstory, on to the review! Read the rest of this entry