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Transformers United Stepper

At the tail end of the 2011 Takara-Tomy Transformers United figure line, a special recolor of the Autobot Special Ops Jazz mold was made available as a mail away figure if you bought the Japanese Transformers Generations 2011 volume 1 Collector’s book by Million Publishing.  This figure was Stepper, a niche character known to Western fans as Ricochet.  Originally a Japanese exclusive G1 Targetmaster repaint of Jazz, Stepper was brought to the US shores 17 years later as part of the Toys R Us Commemorative Series redubbed as Ricochet with his Targetmaster partner Nightstick.  Now that we’ve covered some basics about the character, we can step into this review and find out if this modern update of a niche character warrants its hefty exclusive price tag.

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Here we have the third SIC in the hat trick that convinced me to start collecting the SIC line. (SkyRider and Super-1 being the first two)  A Ninja Rider with one episode and a movie to his name, and that’s about all I know about this character unfortunately.  It really was the design of this toy that won me over to picking this up, unfortunately while photographing for this review I’m just about 180ed on my opinion of this guy.  Read on for the review.

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VinylVault: The Trash Pack

I have a bit of a confession.  I’m addicted to blind pack “stuff”.  When I was a kid it was collectible card games, despite never having anyone to play them with.  Through high school it was any blind pack import figures I could find at the local anime conventions.  Nowadays, blind-pack has taken the world by storm.  Lego Minifigs (got em), My Little Pony (kids got em), Star Wars (Got em) Squinkies (kids again), etc.  Just about everything seems to have some form of a blind-bagged sub-line these days.  One of the more cult-following lines is the Trash Pack.  And this is the one that’s seemingly hooked me in for the long haul.

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MOTUC Kobra Khan

Back when I reviewed Fisto I mentioned that he’s a character I never really had a vested interest in. Kobra Khan on the other hand, there’s a toy from the 80’s I could go on and on about. He, along with Rattlor, always had a habit of being a pair of toys that were bad guys for everything. TMNT, Thundercats, He-Man; you name it, they fought them in my imagination at some point. So when I saw that Mattel was finally getting around to classicizing Kobra Khan I started to really get excited for MotUC again. Read on for the review!

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