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GI Joe Retaliation Roadblock

I’m not normally a GI Joe guy, but with GI Joe Retaliation’s release date approaching for a second time, I thought I’d give some of the toyline a look at.  10 figures into the line later… I may have a little overboard for not being “a GI Joe guy” as I keep trying to tell myself that.  One figure I really wanted to pick up from Retaliation was Roadblock.  Who wouldn’t want a 3.75 inch figure of the Rock?  But is Roadblock a figure worth picking up?  Let’s smell what he’s cooking…

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FansProject Warbot Steel Core

Gonna try something different this go around, both NurseMidnight and myself (Reigner) got this guy on the same day and wanted to try a tag team style.  Not sure if this will work as well as it would on say a Youtube video, but let’s give it a shot!

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Transformers United Stepper

At the tail end of the 2011 Takara-Tomy Transformers United figure line, a special recolor of the Autobot Special Ops Jazz mold was made available as a mail away figure if you bought the Japanese Transformers Generations 2011 volume 1 Collector’s book by Million Publishing.  This figure was Stepper, a niche character known to Western fans as Ricochet.  Originally a Japanese exclusive G1 Targetmaster repaint of Jazz, Stepper was brought to the US shores 17 years later as part of the Toys R Us Commemorative Series redubbed as Ricochet with his Targetmaster partner Nightstick.  Now that we’ve covered some basics about the character, we can step into this review and find out if this modern update of a niche character warrants its hefty exclusive price tag.

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