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SIC Another Agito

A kind soul of the internet managed to re-upload the Cruel Angel version of the Agito subs, which means I finally get to finish what many claim to be one of the best Kamen Rider series out there.  As I’ve been watching I finally got to the point where they’ve introduced Another Agito, and since I just recently received this SIC set in the mail I figured it was a perfect time to take a look at it.  This figure comes in a set with Kamen Rider Gills, and I had been trying to figure out if I wanted to review them separately or since you’d be spending money on them both anyway, review them together.  Gills, like ZX just frustrates the heck out of me, so instead of going into another negative review I figured I’d start with the highpoint and intermingle aspects of Gills where I can in case I decide not to review him proper.  Read on to see how it goes!

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Here we have the third SIC in the hat trick that convinced me to start collecting the SIC line. (SkyRider and Super-1 being the first two)  A Ninja Rider with one episode and a movie to his name, and that’s about all I know about this character unfortunately.  It really was the design of this toy that won me over to picking this up, unfortunately while photographing for this review I’m just about 180ed on my opinion of this guy.  Read on for the review.

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