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A kind soul of the internet managed to re-upload the Cruel Angel version of the Agito subs, which means I finally get to finish what many claim to be one of the best Kamen Rider series out there.  As I’ve been watching I finally got to the point where they’ve introduced Another Agito, and since I just recently received this SIC set in the mail I figured it was a perfect time to take a look at it.  This figure comes in a set with Kamen Rider Gills, and I had been trying to figure out if I wanted to review them separately or since you’d be spending money on them both anyway, review them together.  Gills, like ZX just frustrates the heck out of me, so instead of going into another negative review I figured I’d start with the highpoint and intermingle aspects of Gills where I can in case I decide not to review him proper.  Read on to see how it goes!


Figure Design

Another Agito benefits well from the hyper-stylized monsterization that the SIC line is known for.  It helps that he has a monsterous suit design to begin with.  Part of why I dont like earlier SICs is their extreme departure from the source material, but Another Agito like the three releases before him, skirts that line well enough on the side that is appealing to me.  The figure does a great job of bringing out the grasshopper motif that is Another Agito, down to the grasshopper tibia pieces on the back of his shins and wrists.  And every time I look at him I’m drawn to his belt, which whether intentional or not looks like a large red eye staring back at you, it’s great.  The star of the show for this sculpt is by far his scarf pieces.  In the show and all other plastic interpretations of this character they are normal orange scarves with angel-wing ornamentation at their base.  Not here, they’ve been fabulously re-imagined as a pair of insect wings complete with sculpted vein detailing in the transparent ‘scarf’ pieces.  Instead of Angel wings, it looks like a shriveled up second set of wings.  They are absolutely amazing and really make this figure stand out as one of my favorites.


If Another Agito came just by himself I’d feel ripped off.  Thankfully he comes with a complete Gills figure as well (hah) Unfortunately he only comes with an extra pair of hands and his alternate open-mouth head.  I’m honestly not sure what else they could have included though.  To me more hands is always nice, but I understand a lot of them wouldn’t be screen or character accurate.  Gills wins out on the accessory side coming with swap out parts for his tendrils and spikes.  And considering this set is going for only slightly over the prices of some of the single SIC figures, it’s a pretty good deal.


Another Agito is a bit more limited than ZX or Super-1, but to be honest that’s Another Agitos biggest benefit.  After toying with them both, I realized what my problem was with ZX (and Gills) The bicep swivel is the problem piece, as that’s where the arms are always falling off.  Another Agito does not have that joint, making him one of the most solid SICs I own.  While that makes his arms a bit limited they aren’t immobile, the double jointed shoulder provides a slight rotation that helps Another Agito’s poses look a bit more natural than they would otherwise.  Also I was initially terrified when I saw how the wing/scarves were attached remembering the issues I had with ZX’s scarf.  However these are probably the tightest joints on the figure, almost to the point of me thinking I’m going to break them!  Also I’m really happy with the way they sculpted the grasshopper bits on his shins.  On the Figuarts they sculpted divots in the back of the thigh for the bits to tuck away when bending the knee.  On the SIC however they sculpted the bits at an angle so they clear the legs when bending the knee, I think I like this approach better than the source material for once!


This one is a tough call.  At 4900yen this set is only 400yen above the price of the OOOs SIC coming out later this year, and only 1000yen above ZX.  This is probably also the cheapest SIC 2-pack on the market right now.  If you love Agito then I’d say it’s a no-brainer.  If you love Another Agito, it’s a no-brainer.  If you love Gills, hey at least you’re getting an awesome Another Agito figure.  Though honestly if you like this line, this is another solid offering and has me more confident with OOOs in the future.



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  1. I actually have the Figuarts due in this week and on my list for review…the SIC of this guy actually reminds me of Shin Kamen Rider though.

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