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VinylVault: Glyos Armorvor

I’ve wanted to do a Glyos based review since starting this site earlier in the year. However it’s always been difficult to figure out the proper way to attack this toyline especially when so many other sites do it better. But then two weeks ago happened. The Armorvor came as a surprise during the July release, and with its very appealing pricepoint it became hard to say no. Now that I have one in hand it’s easily one of my favorite self-contained Glyos pieces. Read on for the review!

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VinylVault: The Trash Pack

I have a bit of a confession.  I’m addicted to blind pack “stuff”.  When I was a kid it was collectible card games, despite never having anyone to play them with.  Through high school it was any blind pack import figures I could find at the local anime conventions.  Nowadays, blind-pack has taken the world by storm.  Lego Minifigs (got em), My Little Pony (kids got em), Star Wars (Got em) Squinkies (kids again), etc.  Just about everything seems to have some form of a blind-bagged sub-line these days.  One of the more cult-following lines is the Trash Pack.  And this is the one that’s seemingly hooked me in for the long haul.

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VinylVault: Godzilla Tokyo Vinyl

I will always claim to not be a fan of Designer Vinyl toys.  I will always claim this with a shelf full of Mighty Muggs, and a bin full of Glyos.  I will continue to claim this as I talk about the Tokyo Vinyl Godzilla figure.  But what can I say, this guy just speaks to a lot of my aesthetic tastes.  He’s chunky and mis-proportioned (I don’t want to say chibi-fied) and just seems to have a presence about him on your shelf.

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