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Fansproject Code

I never had any Headmasters as a kid, in fact, I’m pretty sure I didn’t even know they were a thing that even existed back then.  When I got back into Transformers though they’ve always been a line that I’ve tried to work on completing, I’ve gotten 3 or 4 over the years, but the prices have always kept me from going all out.  Then suddenly Fansproject comes along and starts releasing a line of their own take on the popular Headmasters line.  And Code is their first offering. Read on for the review.

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Beast Hunters Lazerback

I’ll admit, the Beast Hunters subline of Transformers Prime had me extremely disinterested in retail Transformers. Three molds of spikey repaint/remolds of already released Prime Deluxes was not an exciting prospect.  The fourth figure in the wave had me a bit interested but only marginally so.  So I picked up Lazerback with the intent of warning my readers to avoid if necessary. Read on for the review.

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FOC Soundwave w/ Discs

As much talking about this guy on Twitter as I’ve been doing, it’d be nice that I had an outlet in which I could review Transformers figures like FOC Soundwave. Oh, wait, that’s right, I do! Read on for the review.

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Masterpiece Sideswipe

Over the years I haven’t gotten many Masterpiece figures. Everytime one is announced I get really excited to own it, but when the time comes I never have the money or would rather spend it on something else. Sideswipe was an exception. As soon as preorders hit I placed my order, and at 4300Yen I would have been foolish not to. But still, was it worth it? Read on for the review.

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FansProject Warbot Steel Core

Gonna try something different this go around, both NurseMidnight and myself (Reigner) got this guy on the same day and wanted to try a tag team style.  Not sure if this will work as well as it would on say a Youtube video, but let’s give it a shot!

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Prime Robots in Disguise Vehicon

After the week of Botcon reviews, I had every intent on moving on to something different.  Maybe a Figuart since I haven’t done any of those yet.  Then my Prime Robots in Disguise (PRID) Vehicons showed up and I felt like I had no other choice but to review them. Read on for the Review.

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Transformers United Stepper

At the tail end of the 2011 Takara-Tomy Transformers United figure line, a special recolor of the Autobot Special Ops Jazz mold was made available as a mail away figure if you bought the Japanese Transformers Generations 2011 volume 1 Collector’s book by Million Publishing.  This figure was Stepper, a niche character known to Western fans as Ricochet.  Originally a Japanese exclusive G1 Targetmaster repaint of Jazz, Stepper was brought to the US shores 17 years later as part of the Toys R Us Commemorative Series redubbed as Ricochet with his Targetmaster partner Nightstick.  Now that we’ve covered some basics about the character, we can step into this review and find out if this modern update of a niche character warrants its hefty exclusive price tag.

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Transformers Prime Deluxe Ratchet

I was pleasantly surprised today when after a quick trip to Walmart I came home with probably the one Transformer I’ve had the most trouble tracking down in recent memory: Deluxe PRID (Prime Robots in Disguise) Ratchet! So surprised even that he ended up completely bumping my original planned review for today. Is my excitement warranted or am I a victim of my own overhype?

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TFCC Runabout


Now I can’t claim to know anything about the Battlechargers, having never owned either as a kid. (and from what I’ve heard I’m better off for that) But when I saw that the planned Transformers Collectors Club exclusives were going to be those very figures I got excited.  Not so much because of who they were, but of the molds that they were being redecoed from.  So let’s take a moment to look at the first of two TFCC exclusives, Runabout(Over-run).

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