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Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Darkmount

First things first, I don’t care what anyone says, I’m not calling this figure the Bard of Darkmount.  He’s Darkmount, that’s it, you should be lucky I’m not calling him Straxus!  Anyway, the original Darkmount (Straxus as he is originally called) is not a character I was ever familiar with.  He’s a comic only character that never had a toy, until a few years ago when Generations came along and gave him a deluxe.  I instantly fell in love with the design and to this day remains one of my favorite deluxe Transformers.  So how does his mirrorverse counterpart fare?  Read on for the review.

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Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Soundwave

Time for me to venture into the boxset for Botcon 2012.  And I’ll start with what had the potential to be the figure I most looked forward to when everything was initially announced.  I’m a huge Soundwave fan.  Despite missing some I try my best to get one of every Soundwave figure that gets released.  So when I heard that a Soundwave was an included figure this year, the year I’m attending, of course I got excited.  The artwork was released and I was still excited, the drawing looked slick!  Then I saw the TFClub photo and my heart sank.  Read on for the rest of the review.

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