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Beast Hunters Lazerback

I’ll admit, the Beast Hunters subline of Transformers Prime had me extremely disinterested in retail Transformers. Three molds of spikey repaint/remolds of already released Prime Deluxes was not an exciting prospect.  The fourth figure in the wave had me a bit interested but only marginally so.  So I picked up Lazerback with the intent of warning my readers to avoid if necessary. Read on for the review.

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Prime Robots in Disguise Vehicon

After the week of Botcon reviews, I had every intent on moving on to something different.  Maybe a Figuart since I haven’t done any of those yet.  Then my Prime Robots in Disguise (PRID) Vehicons showed up and I felt like I had no other choice but to review them. Read on for the Review.

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Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass G2 Prime

I started my Botcon reviews with Kick-Off so it’s only natural that I should continue with his bagmate G2 Shattered Glass Prime.  Let me start out by saying I don’t outright hate the concept of Shattered Glass, but I don’t like it when it feels forced or uninspired.  I like SG Thundercracker because it gives me Action Master Thundercracker, I like SG Cyclonus because in a way it makes sense.  I dislike SG Galvatron because it’s just another purple Galvatron.  With this figure though it’s a little of column A and a little of column B.  Read on for the full review.

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Transformers Prime Deluxe Ratchet

I was pleasantly surprised today when after a quick trip to Walmart I came home with probably the one Transformer I’ve had the most trouble tracking down in recent memory: Deluxe PRID (Prime Robots in Disguise) Ratchet! So surprised even that he ended up completely bumping my original planned review for today. Is my excitement warranted or am I a victim of my own overhype?

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