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I never had any Headmasters as a kid, in fact, I’m pretty sure I didn’t even know they were a thing that even existed back then.  When I got back into Transformers though they’ve always been a line that I’ve tried to work on completing, I’ve gotten 3 or 4 over the years, but the prices have always kept me from going all out.  Then suddenly Fansproject comes along and starts releasing a line of their own take on the popular Headmasters line.  And Code is their first offering. Read on for the review.


Figure Design

Code, also known to most as Chromedome, bears a very strong resemblance to his official counterpart.  Using mostly deep brown and light tan plastic, he’s an almost perfect match.  I say almost because of the head.  In the show and original toy, the head (Stylor) was grey and orange, here Fansproject decided instead to go with white and red.  It’s a change that doesn’t bother me, but it may be an issue to some so I feel I should at least point it out.  In hand though he’s gorgeous.  The initial pictures made him look a bit bland and boring, but once you pull him out of the box there’s a crispness to his color choice that seems to make him pop despite his drab colors.

I feel I should also mention that I was not very excited initially. This is mostly IDWs fault, as I’m now very much accustomed to their design of Chromedome that when I first saw pictures of Code I was disappointed.  There’s no real reason for me to have been, as obviously that’s not the look they were going for.  Once again, in hand, all fears have since vanished.  His design is absolutely great.

The Transformation is extremely clever.  Doing a few things that I don’t ever think have been attempted in a Transformers toy.  The chest slides down on a rail, stopping at the waist.  This allows you to then rotate the waist and bring the chest (hood) in line with the roof.  It’s actually quite amazing.  What your left with is a brown car.  It’s nothing too amazing, but there it is, being a car.  I do like that the steering wheel is on a hinge specifically so you can get Stylor in and out of the car more easily. Something to watch out for, the windshield can very easily crash against the sides of the car and damage the plastic, so be extremely careful.






Unless you count the head as an accessory.  Code doesn’t come with much.  Two red sniper rifles are all that’s pack in with him.  They can be held in either hand, or they have the ability to mount on his forearms.  There’s also a hinge within the weapons so you can pull the handle out to make it point forward in alt mode.

Stylor is also a great little piece of plastic.  While not as posable as Steel Core’s Breastmaster, he still better than the G1 equivalents as he can actually bend his knees the correct way.  Speaking of which, he is not compatible with the G1 Headmasters. It’s not something I expected so again I don’t mind, but just be aware if it’s something you’re hoping for. I’ll save the transformation for you guys to discover.  I wasn’t spoiled on it and when that little bit of engineering happened I was left grinning.





This is where I personally have my problems with the toy.  He has every joint imaginable, making him a great action figure of Chromedome even if he didn’t transform.  Unfortunately the range of movement on some of his joints leave a lot to be desired.  His shoulders are the worst culprit, with almost zero outwards movement, but upon shooting photographs for this review I found that his hips have the same issue only not as severe.  He does not have ankle tilts, which is not an articulation point that I’ve yet  come to expect out of my toys, but again, I’m here to let you know what it does and doesn’t have, so there you go. The shining point however is the head.  It’s almost a faux balljoint.  There’s a disc that allows the head to swivel, and within that dis is a hinge that lets him look down.  He can’t look up unfortunately, but this is still more than a normal headmaster could ever do.





As someone who was initially lukewarm on wanting this guy, having him in hand has completely turned me around on him.  I cannot recommend him enough, and I know a lot of you will probably end up kicking yourself if you end up getting the other Function X figures and pass on this one.  He’s still up for Preorder at Bigbadtoystore, so grab yours before he becomes a victim of the Fansproject aftermarket.







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  1. Nice revieww! It was a treat reviewing this one, and it’s awesome to see other people getting theirs and loving it. Awesome stuff, and nice pics!

  2. I love that this guy is getting RAVE reviews! I agree with everything you said (also, love the Rewind buddy shots!) – For being panned so heavily when the first pictures came out, he’s just crushing it with fans. I can NOT wait for the rest of this line (except maybe for Gator-Prime..meh.. I really hope that’s just Skullcrusher in the end..)

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