FoC Ultra Magnus

While everyone else is busy talking about Fall of Cybertron Starscream and Kickback (the two new molds and casemates for this guy. I figured I’d take the time to shine a little light on what is probably going to be a frequently passed over toy in wave three of Generations. Especially if the 5 I’ve already seen at retail are any indication. Read on for the review.


Figure Design
FoC Ultra Magnus is a repaint with new head of the wave one Generations Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime. I never got around to picking up that toy, instead waiting specifically for this version to be released. I will say I’m glad I waited. Ultra Magnus is gorgeous! The shade of blue is something that just can’t quite be capture through photographs (or at least my photographs), where he comes across as more of a Pepsi Blue than the deeper blue than he actually is in person. His new head is very Ultra Magnus, with, in my honest opinion, a smidge of IDW Overlord hidden in (must be the cheekbones). The only issue I have with the figures construction is that the white bits on his forearms fall off a lot, and I’ve almost lost one twice.

The transformation is simple while doing a neat little bit of auto-morph between the shoulders and head. And the alt-mode becomes a nice little compact “Fist on Wheels”. Though due to the size, it’s probably more of a babies fist. Which brings me to the big problem a lot of people have with this guy. This mold is small, but honestly, I don’t care. Honestly you tend to not really notice unless you’re smashing him right beside the larder Generations WFC Prime. What’s nice though is with the placement of abundant 5mm pegholes I can easily see a trailer add-on set coming from some third party down the line, which should make a lot of folks happy.



The wave-wide ‘gimmick’ this time around is modular weapons, and if this figure is any indication, I absolutely love it. He comes with the same gun that Prime did, but he also comes with a beefy sword. The sword can split into three parts and attach to the gun. Giving him either a BEEFIER sword, or a rifle with a bayonet attachment. This combined with the aforementioned pegholes give a good bit of modular playability with the figure, even allowing him to store the weapon on his back.




Something about this way this guy moves is great. He’s no ballerina, but every pose just seems to ooze character. And while it’s limited, he’s even able to hold his sword with both hands. My only complaints are a loose hip joint, and that the rand of motion for his shoulders just aren’t what I wish they could be. But hey, this is Ultra Magnus, he’s just suppose to stand around stoically anyway!






While I wouldn’t recommend Optimus, I have to recommend Magnus. He’s such a fun figure that I think I like even more than Starscream (as of this writing I still don’t have a Kickback) I highly suggest picking this mold up if you haven’t already. Or at the very least, wait until the brighter blue Takara version is released.



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  1. I have been waiting for this guy as well…looks just rocking…some third party needs to make extra weapons that attach to Prime’s gun as well

  2. Magnus is easily my favorite of the wave (not including Soundwave of course…). He’s awesome. I may pick up the Takara version just because he’ll be a lighter blue, but at the moment, I’m in no rush for that.

  3. Due to the smaller size I like to call this one Corporal Magnus.

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