Beast Hunters Lazerback

I’ll admit, the Beast Hunters subline of Transformers Prime had me extremely disinterested in retail Transformers. Three molds of spikey repaint/remolds of already released Prime Deluxes was not an exciting prospect.  The fourth figure in the wave had me a bit interested but only marginally so.  So I picked up Lazerback with the intent of warning my readers to avoid if necessary. Read on for the review.


Alt Mode

Starting off a bit different since it’s a beast-former and talking alt mode first.  First few things I noticed were that he had both size and weight to him, which is a welcome change from the tiny Prime RID Deluxe line. Though most of the weight does come from his weapons.  Both of which incorporate a lot of solid rubber (the tail being completely rubber) This goes a long way to adding weight to the figure, and was actually a welcome surprise.  He’s somewhat posable in beast mode, however his head is limited which tends to limit the natural stances that the figure can perform.  I do like that not only does his weapon incorporated well into the beast mode (with the post of the missile even hiding nicely), it can deploy to fire while transformed.  This is something that for some reason, despite seeing it in all of the promo shots, didn’t register to me as a feature until I held it in hand.  I do have two issues with this mode.  The head on mine can’t peg in securely to his collarbone as instructed, and he has probably the worst case of visible fist syndrome since Dreadwing.  But at least Dreadwing tried to fake it!





Transformation and Robot Mode

Transformation is as basic as they come for a beast-formers quadruped.  Stand him up, hide away the beast bits, predictably hiding the beast head into the robot chest.  The robot mode is acceptable, with more of the paint applications visible now.  Lazerback seems to do that thing where there does not look to be paint applications, until you start to count them.  And I’m not an expect, but if thickness of application is a factor in the budget, a lot of it went into the purple painted parts as it is laid on extremely thick. Also the theme for the Beast Hunters line, aside from SPIKES, is to use two-toned mixed plastic.  It’s attempted here in the feet and I THINK the black portions, but it’s so shoddy that I really wish they would have put that money elsewhere.  The back mounted missile launcher can stay in place through the entire transformation to serve as a missile launcher in robot mode, or it can be removed and placed in his hand.  This makes me happier than I expected it to, as it feels really bulky and obtrusive in his hand so I prefer to keep it on the back.  Here’s where I’ll note to BE CAREFUL.  The assembly that holds both the gun and both beast and robot heads can completely become unattached from the rest of the body.  I almost thought I broke it completely at first glance.  This is a glaring flaw to me that should have been secured better.






Lazerback is a bit of a mixed bag here. His hind legs have enough joints, but they all feel like they should go a degree or too more than they do, and they should have been able to in my opinion. The arms are as standard as you can get though.  I will say though that the ball jointed neck is amazingly free and expressive, I wasn’t expecting that given how recessed into his shoulders his head sits.





Lazerback is a completely lukewarm figure to me.  If your someone who is completely turned off from Beast Hunters than this figure is in no way going to bring you back to the other side of the fence.  If you’re only interested in him from the first wave, or you have a wait and see attitude for the whole line, you probably will be happy with what you get.  In the end I’m not upset that I spent the money, but I also would have been OK never having bought him.






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  1. I have to say, nothing really screams “buy me buy me buy me”…on the other hand, the Prime designers have made some real gems with their repaints (Hotshot for example) and if they can work that kind of magic on that mold, then I may purchase.

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