Figma Link

Samus and now Link are the only two figures from the Figma line I own, but two Nintendo Characters in one year is kind of amazing. Unlike Samus though, Link has had a bit better luck with toys over the years, with having a few vinyl toys and minifigures, keychains and the like. However this is once again the first fully posable detailed figure to come out of this character. Read on for the review.


Figure Design

This figure is based off of the recent Skyward Sword incarnation of Link, mostly denoted by the sculpted chainmail underarmor beneath his normal green tunic. I’m really fascinated by the aesthetic construction of this figure.  The skirtpiece is made of two pieces of a softer plastic to allow for posing, but the chest piece is pretty amazing. It seems that buried beneath the tunic is a hard plastic flesh colored buck, covered by a sculpted tunic made out of the same softer plastic that the skirt is made of.  This really goes a long way to blend the tunic to the skirt without having conflicting colors with paint/plastic. Maybe this is a staple technique for all Figmas I don’t know, but it has me curious to buy more to see for sure.  The paintwork chosen is also very soft in appearance and ties the rest of the figure together making it something that you just want to “Pick up” all the time. The paint detailing is flawless, which I think Figma tends to do better at than Bandai if the two I have are any indication.


Link comes with the standard fare for any figure, and everything you’d expect a basic Link depiction to include.  Four additional pairs of hands accompany his fists. Calm open hands, two pairs of holding things hands (one for holding straight, one at an angle) and a pair of completely stretched out splayed open hands. One hand type is specifically used to hold his shield, while both holding things hand types can hold the sword, which is really my only major complaint with the figure.  Getting Link to hold his sword is a frightening chore.  You have to insert the hilt sideways at the thumb and push into the hand, causing (at least on mine) a long of plastic bend/shaving from the fingers. It’s much easier to accomplish after a few times, but it’s definitely a nailbiter. Speaking of sword, what Link would be complete without his Master Sword and Hylain Shield. Both are sculpted perfectly and have amazing paint aps, and the shield has a few modular pieces on the back allowing him to hold it in either hand or store on his back.  He’s also given the scabbard for his sword. It’s a bit big, but that’s the cost of allowing the sword to actually be stored inside, so I can let it pass. Link also comes with interchangeable hair and face pieces for a more intense/action look. Lastly a nice slashing effect piece is included, though this piece is a bit heavy and tends to make his hands droop in certain poses.  I will say, like Samus, I wish he came with more staple Zelda items; Bow, Boomerang, (stupid) Beetle, Bombs, Pots, Rupees, Bottle, anything really!


Link is a bit better than Samus (hate to keep comparing, but it’s all I have to compare to), his head is expressive and doesn’t fall out, and his arms have a bit more range of motion. His cap is also posable, which helps it get out of the way of things! Though the tail isnt really fastened in so it can fall out if you’re not careful.  There are a few poses that are really only doable by breaking the laws of human anatomy, but at the right angle, you can’t really tell. A proper bicep swivel or more clearance at the shoulders would have gone a long way to fix this, and one of my nitpicky points against this figure.  The other comes from his hips.  I assume there are hip swivels built into the ball joint similar to an SIC or Figuart, but I’m pretty sure mine are stuck and useless.  Due to the skirt I can’t get to them to try and see if that’s the case.  Thankfully the boot swivel helps alleviate that concern a bit but go too far and it looks unnatural.  His hands are also jointed, but as I said previously, they can flop around a bit in certain poses. Otherwise, I love the posability and can do more than I ever expected to be able to with a Link figure.


Again, like Samus, if you’re at all a fan of the source material you owe it to yourself to pick this up.  I don’t know if we’ll ever again get a full-fledged action figure out of this franchise so take the dive while he is still lingering around webshops. While he could be better in places he’s definitely at the very least a buy it “Because.”  I’m now 2/4ths of the way from having a Smash Brothers match, and with Figma Pit and D-Arts Mewtwo on the way next year I’ll be set!


*Footnote: Link is a lefty, deal with it!


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  1. Wow, you have his sword in the left hand lol. Other incarnations of Link may have been left handed but this is the Skyward Sword Link and he’s right handed.

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