VinylVault: Glyos Armorvor

I’ve wanted to do a Glyos based review since starting this site earlier in the year. However it’s always been difficult to figure out the proper way to attack this toyline especially when so many other sites do it better. But then two weeks ago happened. The Armorvor came as a surprise during the July release, and with its very appealing pricepoint it became hard to say no. Now that I have one in hand it’s easily one of my favorite self-contained Glyos pieces. Read on for the review!

As I like to try and keep my reviews relatively succinct, I’m not going to delve too much into what exactly Glyos “is”. If you followed the links above you’re probably either already familiar enough with what it is or already knew what it is anyway. The Armorvor however is a brand new piece for Matt Doughty. This originated as a line of one-off custom pieces from Glyos fan (and friend of Onell Designs) Marty “TheGodbeast” Hansen. (CLARIFICATION EDIT: This was actually sculpted by Jason Frailey, and produced by Marty.  Jasons site is linked in the comments below.) Each piece was hand painted by Marty and tended to go for a very pretty penny, as custom work tends to do!  (CLARIFICATION EDIT:  Something else I was not aware of that these one-offs were actually prototypes, which both explains the pricepoint and shows once again how awesome the group surrounding Glyos really is!) I’m going to make an assumption here and say that these were a big enough hit that Matt and Marty worked together to bring this beast to a full production run. And I (and my wallet) could not be happier because of it.

The figure itself is very beefy in proportion, and full of tons of sculpted details that just looks amazing. With the armored animal style, you can easily see a Battle Beasts homage present in this toy, though he does stand a good head taller than any of those. It really goes a long way to make the Armorvor look like the one-beast wrecking crew that Onell’s fiction is making him out to be. He’s full of hard angles and polygonal shapes, which is both a blessing and a curse I suppose. On the one hand it makes him work very well as a stand-alone piece that you wouldn’t need to be a fan of Glyos to enjoy. On the other hand, with the rest of the mainline Glyos system being very rounded and spherical in aesthetic , it makes it very hard to build onto with other Glyos pieces without seeming like they come from two different toylines. But that may just be the unified style/symmetry nut in me talking.
For “accessories” you’re given two extra pieces, an armored head, that when turned to either side gives a very different animal appearance. And a piece. I say piece generically as with any Glyos toy, the piece is what your imagination tells it to be. It could be a jetpack, a blaster, or even the head for a mini-mech. Or if you wanted, it could be set aside with a stand and make for a great companion droid similar to Booster Gold’s Skeets. The choices are yours!

I do have one major nitpick which is the center of the chestpiece. At least on mine it is extremely off-center. I can’t tell if it’s designed that way or not based on the official release pictures, but it bugs the ever living heck out me either way. (CLARIFICATION EDIT:  Found out that the black chestpiece is an actual Glyos piece complete with Glyos pin!  This fixed the issue!)

In the end, this release is unfortunately sold out, and at the very least we’ll never see this colorscheme again. Expect two more mass-produced Armorvors in September, so you can all get a chance at owning one of these amazing figures! And hopefully they can branch out to Marty’s other head designs as well, I need more powersuit Battle Beasts!

Glyos can be found at, Marty at


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  1. Good review overall.

    Only a couple things (one being MAJOR)…the Armorvor was sculpted by Jason Frailey.

    I molded/cast/produced/prototyped the Armorvor and offered up something NO toy company does…prototypes of a soon to be production figure to collectors. You are correct that the prototypes were pricey, but, that was due to the pure labor involved for me and to compensate Jason Frailey for the talent and time it took him to sculpt this incredible new Glyos figure.

    Only other thing…I have no idea why your production Armorvor’s chest power orb is so off. You are the first I have seen to have this flaw, but, it is obvious in your photos. Is it the male Glyos pin or the female Glyos hole that is off? You should email these photos or a link of this review to Matt Doughty so he can make sure that this is only an oddity and not a common flaw. I know all the ones we have are perfectly centered and I know all the prototypes I produced are spot on.


    • Thanks for the clarification. I was also not aware that they were prototypes being sold, that’s awesome and makes much more sense!

      And now that I know that the chest orb is an actual piece it’s not longer so off center. I thought it might be but didnt want to break anything if it wasnt. Thanks!

  2. No worries bro! Now that I know the chest orb isn’t a factory error of some sort…I feel way better and I should have said, “Great review,” but, I was torn w/ the orb thing and poor Jason Frailey being left out. Also, my error, I forgot to mention, Nate Newell also was a collaborator on this project and he did these incredible card/header art pieces for the prototype Armorvors.

  3. hahaha…sorry…one other thang…

    Matt Doughty of Onell Design did all the production of the production figures. I did the production of all the prototype figures (molding/casting/etc…). I did paint up a few prototype Armorvors, but, the vast majority of the 45-50+ prototypes I made were unpainted.

  4. That little mech at the end is awesome! Makes me wish I had some red phase arms.

    Also, followed! You seem to review mostly things I’m interested in, haha.

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