Figma Samus

You might have remembered in my Zero V2 review that next to Metroid, MegaMan was my favorite game series.  Well it seems like this is my year to be a toy collector as not only have we gotten one of our first highly poseable Zero figure, we’ve also gotten our very first highly poseable Samus Aran figure from Metroid. (Other M specifically)  This is a figure I’ve been dying for since 1994 when Super Metroid was released, and the closest things we’ve had is a statue from Metroid Prime and some twelve dollar “figure” from 2003.  Read on to see if this can live up to nearly twenty plus years of hype!

Figure Design

The sculpt on this figure is spot on to the Other M suit design, a mix of the standard power suit from games past and the Varia suit from Super Metroid and Metroid Prime.  Though the suit is a very basic design in terms of making a highly detailed toy out of it, Max Factory went a few extra steps to add an extra detail or two.  This is mainly seen in the hips.  With most toy companies this seems to usually be the first place sacrificed with the addition of joints, wanting to give posability precedence over sculpt.  This usually leaves unsightly gaps, large obvious universal or ball joints, or weird looking leg configurations.  In the case of Figma Samus, they added a lot of undersuit styled detailing around the hips, including rubber pieced to help cover the joint.  The paint though is where this figure really shines.  Every bit is a shiny metallic color, even the yellow that expected to be a matte finish is instead metallic.  It really makes this figure stand out on a shelf and I love it.


Man did Samus get a bum deal on the accessories, especially after what I was expecting given the accessory count of my Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Figmas.  This is a character known for her gadgets and weapons and we’re treated to none of that.  A few alternate hands, two canon nozzles, two regular shot effect parts and the Morph Ball is all we get.  I guess since we got the Morph Ball that’s where most of the accessory budget went, but I still with we would have gotten more.  At least give us a Missile effect part (especially considering we got the Missile nozzle!), or a bomb, or Ice Beam effect or something! We’re even inexplicably given a holding things hand, when has Samus ever held something?  I will say the Morph Ball is just as gorgeous as Samus, with the same metallic paint, and a really slick clear yellow piece at the seam.


The articulation though goes a long way to make up for the disappointing accessory count.  I don’t know why but I love the joints that Figma uses for elbow and knees, they’re just so smooth of a rotation it feels very satisfying.  Thankfully unlike my Dragon Knights figures, the limbs don’t fall off on this figure at the joints.  I’m also impressed with what they managed to do with her shoulders.  As bulky as they are you wouldn’t expect them to have much movement, but they do.  It’s hard to tell what system they used but at best I can see it looks like a triple ball joint.  One joint in the torso, one joint connecting the arm, and a separate joint connecting the shoulder pauldron.  It’s still not as free-ranged as one could hope for, but with shoulders that big what exactly can you expect?  The head is the only real disappointment.  Due to the suit design there really isn’t much in the way of up and down head movement, making looking directly up impossible.  Not that you really need it, but sometimes Samus looks up when firing, so it would have been nice to reconstruct that pose.


It’s going to be hard to pick Samus up from any import shop due to how Figma runs their business, so expect to pay a premium from places like BigBadToyStore, but even at that price I’d say shes worth it.  This is the best figure of Samus we’ve ever gotten (most would say only!) So as a Metroid fan you owe it to yourself to own this, and it’ll look great standing beside Link this fall.


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  1. At least she can do the classic thumb up pose

  2. Great figure. She also looks great with the Metroid that comes with the Zero Suit

  3. “We’re even inexplicably given a holding things hand, when has Samus ever held something?”

    In Smash Bros. Zero’s Z-Saber fits in her “holding things hand” perfectly and can be used to replicate the beam sword from Smash Bros. I’m glad the holding things hand is included, but you’re right, I would give up one of the shot effects for a missile.

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