VinylVault: S.L.U.G. Zombies

Another forray into blindpacks!  This time with Jakks Pacific S.L.U.G. Zombies line.  Initially a set of 12 zombies minifigures sold as a set at seemingly random ToysRUs’s, eight of these have been repackaged into single-packed blindpacked boxes.  I found these at Walgreens of all places but apparently they’re suppose to be hitting Targets and Kmarts too? Read on for the review.

Styled similarly to many other minifigure lines both past and present, the SLUG Zombies have really nice sculpting.  They’re also molded in a really bright green plastic that almost makes you think that they should glow in the dark. (they don’t sadly) Those aware can probably spot a similar aesthetic to October Toys OMFG minifigures or even the vintage Monster In My Pocket line, it really seems like Jakks was looking at the success of lines like these and felt the need to emulate it for themselves.  I can’t complain however, because I think these all look awesome.  Each Zombie seems modeled after either a pop-culture reference or Zombie movie trope.  I’m especially fond of the Pharaoh Zombie and the Toxic Waste Zombie, but what’s great is that even ones that would probably be considered “duds” by blind-packed standards still tend to have at least one endearing feature that seems to make the purchase worth it.  Honestly what’s not to love about a cheerleader holding two severed heads as pom-poms?  That’s just fantastic!

The blindpacks run you $2 per figure, with the long sold out 12-pack going for $9.99 at ToysRUs.  If you can find the 12-pack grab it, you’ll get all 8 of the figures present in the blindpacks in addition to 4 more.  Otherwise, the single-packs are still worth it to tide you over until the rumored series two hits stores (hopefully more en-masse)


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