Prime Robots in Disguise Vehicon

After the week of Botcon reviews, I had every intent on moving on to something different.  Maybe a Figuart since I haven’t done any of those yet.  Then my Prime Robots in Disguise (PRID) Vehicons showed up and I felt like I had no other choice but to review them. Read on for the Review.

Figure Design

The vehicle mode is deceptively tiny.  It’s about on par with the sizes that deluxes have become but it still feels small in your hand.  Other than that the vehicle mode is gorgeous.  The aesthetic of this vehicle is really awesome in a mean mother of a muscle car sort of way.  Harsh angles and a deep purpley-black help accentuate this feeling.  Now I usually don’t tend to photograph the transformation or talk about it in great detail but with this figure it can’t be helped, it’s far too amazing!  Remember in my Ratchet review where I said I’m always a fan of clever use of folding panels?  Well this figure has that in spades.  The entire roof of the car detaches and accordions in on itself to condense down and form the shins… the shins!  I’m pretty sure this is the first time engineering like this has been used and what it does is get rid of 90% of the kibble that plagues even the best Transformer.  You’re left with a sleek robot mode where if it weren’t for the wheels you probably wouldn’t even be able to tell if it turned into a vehicle or not.  The arms on the figure bug me though.  For some reason the PRID line has had a lot of weird sculpts around the elbows, and because of it the Vehicons arms aren’t on the same visual plain.  You can fake it well enough but it still looks a bit off, and the entire door being a flat piece of forearm doesn’t help matters.  If this figure took a cue from the First Edition Vehicon and had some more panel folding around the forearms this figure would be a 100 percent perfect sculpt.  As it stands it’s maybe a 99 percent perfect sculpt.  Only other nitpick is I wish the elbow joints werent cast in that blue plastic as it really makes the toy look like a knockoff for some reason, maybe it’s the stark contrast to the dark of the rest of the figure, but it had to be gang molded with the rest of the blue bits I suppose.  Also it’s nice to see that the paints aps are done great, but are few enough that when the Arms Micron version is released there wont be a lot missing due to stickers.


The Vehicon comes with one large blaster rifle.  It’s pretty much a big version of what it uses in the show, and in a way it’s kind of neat.  I like that he can hold it like a hunting rifle, but all the show Vehicons have what amounts to a pair of pistols.  So the show accuracy nut in me is coming out (and usually I only have a thing about show accuracy when it comes to the weapons anyway)  It is nice though that the gun can either be held or clipped on to his forearm to simulate the gun ‘transformation’ from the show.  It’s also missing a bit a nice purple paint detailing that depicted on the cardback, which is a shame.


This is a mixed bag.  His arms do enough, though I wish his wrists could swivel the other direction.  It’s his legs that are the problem though.  His has nice ball jointed hips with a thigh swivel, but it really would have been nice if they could have figured out some way to allow the knees to bend further.  As it is they barely hit ninety degrees let alone go any farther.  And due to the awesome transformation he doesn’t have much for ankles or foot joints, but I can let that pass easily enough.  I’m very surprised at his lack of waist joint though since his robot torso is a completely separate entity that has nothing that would have suffered by the addition of the joint.  And due to the automorph head gimmick he, like most of the other PRID toys, seems to not have much for neck movement.


Despite my issues with the articulation, I still have to say this is the best deluxe to come out of Transformers this year.  He’s going to be hard to top.  Do whatever you can to find one of these, or more.  He IS the Tranformers toopbuilder afterall.


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  1. Motherfucker! As usual great read T-Rent, I really need to get my hands on these guys.

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