Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Darkmount

First things first, I don’t care what anyone says, I’m not calling this figure the Bard of Darkmount.  He’s Darkmount, that’s it, you should be lucky I’m not calling him Straxus!  Anyway, the original Darkmount (Straxus as he is originally called) is not a character I was ever familiar with.  He’s a comic only character that never had a toy, until a few years ago when Generations came along and gave him a deluxe.  I instantly fell in love with the design and to this day remains one of my favorite deluxe Transformers.  So how does his mirrorverse counterpart fare?  Read on for the review.

Figure Design

SG Darkmount is still a half-track tank-truck-thing, only this time molded in a sparkly gold plastic.  Well I say gold, but really seems more of a mustard yellow.  Some people say this is a homage to Scrounge, another comic only character I know nothing about who apparently got his arm ripped off by Darkmount, so I can see the correlation.  Others are saying Serpentor as if this exclusive set really needs more GI Joe shoehorning.  Others are saying it’s the color palette taken into photoshop and inverted, which would actually make for a mirrorverse counterpart!  Either way, and I’m about to contradict myself (as a reviewer I’m allowed to do that right?), I love it.  Maybe it’s bias from my love of the original toy talking, or maybe it’s that the figure is close enough to a G2-ish color scheme while not being a G2 color scheme, but I can’t stop looking at the figure.  The transformation is just as pain-in-the-ass as always, but the resulting figure is just a gem to behold.  The only real complaint is that with this use of the mold, there’s a good chance we may never see it used by FunPub as a Dawn of Future Past Beast Wars Rampage.  A cause I will champion until the day I die. (or someone paints one up for me)


No new head, and the same accessories that the original Darkmount carried.  Colors on these are nice, and it seems like the pickaxe head on mine falls out more often than the other two molds.  But other than that, no real complaints.


I love the joints used on this figure.  Arms are amazing with two way hinged elbows, and a ball joint on a hinged wrist.  Legs have everything you expect to see out of a 6″ action figure with some really nice ball jointed ankles.  I will always give extra points to any toy that can two-hand their weapon or sling it over their shoulder, and this guy can do both!   And convincingly at that.


As a regular convention toy, this figure is great.   But as the souvenier (i.e. convention freebie) toy this figure is flat out amazing.  He is easily one of my favorites from the set this year coming in at number four.  He’s a solid toy with a fun color scheme.  I would wait and hope for an aftermarket price drop though as I don’t feel he’s worth the $80-$100 I’ve seen him go for.


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