Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass G2 Prime

I started my Botcon reviews with Kick-Off so it’s only natural that I should continue with his bagmate G2 Shattered Glass Prime.  Let me start out by saying I don’t outright hate the concept of Shattered Glass, but I don’t like it when it feels forced or uninspired.  I like SG Thundercracker because it gives me Action Master Thundercracker, I like SG Cyclonus because in a way it makes sense.  I dislike SG Galvatron because it’s just another purple Galvatron.  With this figure though it’s a little of column A and a little of column B.  Read on for the full review.

Figure Design
SG G2 Laser Prime is nothing more than a repaint of the Reveal the Shield Laser Prime released last year. As far as the sculpt and engineering goes it’s about what you expect from modern transformers.   The base figure is a nice modern update of the original G2 Prime toy.  One improvement though is that FunPub seemingly went with the Takara version of this mold.  What this means is that the stupid little peg that pegs the shoulders together in vehicle mode is not as large and in-the-way as the US release.  I was ready to rail on this toy for that before I even got to Botcon, but seeing that change made me warm up to this toy a little bit.  It’s the paint however, where I have my issues.  Just like the first Shattered Glass Prime, this figure is nothing more than a purple repaint.  While I understand that in theory, I really wish a bit more thought would have gone in to this.  See both G2 Prime and the Reveal the Shield toy have a really nice vehicle deco that gradients from red to black.  I really would have liked to have seen something similar done on this toy.  A gradient from purple to something else, like the dark blue from the original SG Prime, would have been a nice throwback to both the original SG Prime and the original toys.  Instead we’re given a ton of silver dry-brushing on the figure.  Initially I really liked this, until I realized that it’s not consistent.  I had to get my figure replaced at the con, and I really like the original dry-brushing that my figure had.  However they only replace my one arm, and now the deco is asymmetrical and looks kind of ridiculous.  I do really like the clear yellow glitter plastic used for his windows and sword though, very nice touch!

Nothing new here either.  It’s the same sword that came with the RTS release, and no new head to speak of.   The sword is molded in the same sparkly clear yellow plastic as the windshields and looks really nice.  I can’t ever really knock a Transformer for not coming with a lot of accessories as that’s not the purpose of the toy.

The articulation on this figure is great.  The simple fact that his wrists are comprised of a hinge on top of a balljoint already puts this guy ahead of most other Transformers.  Add to that some nice balljointed large feet, and you can really get this guy in some dynamic sword poses.  At least as far as the legs are concerned.  The flaps on the arms and the huge shoulders tend to get in the way of any extreme movement in the arms, but they do enough.

At the end of the day, this really just feels like an uninspired toy.  A quick and easy repaint that really didn’t seem too imaginative.  A change to the vehicle deco would have gone a long way to further sell me on this toy.  The crowd seems to be split on which toy from this two-pack they like better, so if you like one more than the other, odds are you’ll find someone willing to split the set with you if you don’t want to pay the full price for both.


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  1. Nice write-up Trent, I for one like this figure. Honestly any figure from this mold that isn’t G2 Laser Prime looks good to me. Sure SG is take it or leave it but I dig him. Thanks for the card during the smoke out @ the Hyatt.

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