Here we have the third SIC in the hat trick that convinced me to start collecting the SIC line. (SkyRider and Super-1 being the first two)  A Ninja Rider with one episode and a movie to his name, and that’s about all I know about this character unfortunately.  It really was the design of this toy that won me over to picking this up, unfortunately while photographing for this review I’m just about 180ed on my opinion of this guy.  Read on for the review.

Figure Design

ZX (Z-cross) is still a wonderfully sculpted figure.  He shares a lot in common with his two predecessors with the musculature bodysuit covered with oxidized metal armor.  His belt is highly detailed with all manner of gadgets and its topped off with a really slick piece of clear yellow plastic with detailing underneath.  He’s also given a scarf which at first glance looks like a repaint of Super-1’s.  Unfortunately it’s not, it’s a retool if anything, and a retool for the worse.  Where Super-1’s scarf attached via a pin attached to a swivel joint, ZX’s only connects with a straight pin.  This scarf falls out a LOT, and the lack of added articulation point means it’s colliding with his collar sculpting and katana scabbard causing it to fall out even more.  As if not to feel left out, his right arm falls off of at the bicep just as frequently, which is a shame considering that’s where his best accessories are utilized.


Upon opening the box I was very happy with the amount of accessories that were packed in.  7 Hands, the scarf, a Katana, the Katana scabbard, a knife, grappling chain, a shuriken, a thing and a thing.  After a little research I found out that one of the things was his kneepad grenade, but the other thing (a cylindrical piece that attaches to his thigh, which guess what: falls off a lot) is still a mystery to me.  I was really excited to see that the katana blade was actually made of die-cast metal! Easily making this ZXs best accessory.  The Chain is another nice addition that makes for some good posing options and the knife is, well, a knife.  His hands are what really disappoint me; he’s given two fists, two splayed open hands and 3 specialty holding hands.  One hand is specifically made to hold the katana, one hand for the knife, and the other hand is meant to hold the bomb and the head of the chain weapon.  I assume it’s also suppose to hold the shuriken, but it doesn’t exactly stay held very well.  I really would have liked opposing hands for each holding things hand, and with a line that seems known for packing a high piece count (see Kamen Rider W S.I.C.s) it really stinks to find yourself wanting more.


For Skyrider I was ok, for Super-1 I was content, but for a supposed Ninja he sure does need a few more joints.  I will say that his torso is a lot easier to move than on the previous two releases, but I am missing well executed hips/thighs something fierce on this figure.  I also would have liked something to be done with the arms to allow for more dynamic katana wielding poses, but at least he can be made to pull his katana out of the scabbard!


When I set out to review ZX tonight I fully expected to come on here and have another glowing review on another well executed S.I.C.  Unfortunately ZX has left me a bit frustrated.  He’s a joy to look at, but not that much fun to mess with.  However there really isn’t that many ZX figures out there and the S.I.C. looks worlds better than the actual suit design, and who knows maybe all of my plastic tolerances are a localized incident.  So unless you love ZX I can see this being a solid pass.

Super Imaginative Chogokin ZX
Manufactured by Bandai
Sold by: AmiAmi, BigBadToyStore, HobbyLinkJapan


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