VinylVault: The Trash Pack

I have a bit of a confession.  I’m addicted to blind pack “stuff”.  When I was a kid it was collectible card games, despite never having anyone to play them with.  Through high school it was any blind pack import figures I could find at the local anime conventions.  Nowadays, blind-pack has taken the world by storm.  Lego Minifigs (got em), My Little Pony (kids got em), Star Wars (Got em) Squinkies (kids again), etc.  Just about everything seems to have some form of a blind-bagged sub-line these days.  One of the more cult-following lines is the Trash Pack.  And this is the one that’s seemingly hooked me in for the long haul.

Found mainly at Toys R Us, these little rubber minifigures come in packs ranging from 5-12 pieces.  Each figure is sculpted to depict some form of trash.  Sludge, rotted foods, insects, broken appliances and other such things.  The sculpting is minimal and the paint is used sparingly to highlight a few key details, but there is just something oddly awesome and highly addictive about every last one of these.  Of course, like every blind packed product in stores, there are a few duds of which I seem to always get multiples of (seriously, why do I need 4 of that stupid stereo).  One bright side is that while there are identical molds, there are about 4 different colors of each mold, so even when you get a duplicate your might not necessarily have wasted your money.  And these things seem to be a cathair magnet of which there is no escape…sheesh!

Also as to be expected, there are different rarities ranging from common to special edition.  The Special Edition ones are particularly awesome.  Different types of rubber have been used in these cases: clear, glow in the dark, metallic, and even flocked!  These are my favorites as I’m a sucker for anything clear or metallic.  Also, different colorations of the same mold can also have different rarities!

These wont be for everybody. But if for some reason you’ve been looking for something blind-packed to pick up and have been avoiding Lego or Squinkies, then give these a shot.  I’m sure there’s bound to be something in here that makes you smile.


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