MOTUC Kobra Khan

Back when I reviewed Fisto I mentioned that he’s a character I never really had a vested interest in. Kobra Khan on the other hand, there’s a toy from the 80’s I could go on and on about. He, along with Rattlor, always had a habit of being a pair of toys that were bad guys for everything. TMNT, Thundercats, He-Man; you name it, they fought them in my imagination at some point. So when I saw that Mattel was finally getting around to classicizing Kobra Khan I started to really get excited for MotUC again. Read on for the review!

Sculpt and Paint
The Four Horsemen have done it again. The detailing on this figure is fantastic. Comprised of a lot of new parts, Kobra Khan does a very good job of looking very snake-like. Gone from this figure is the water squirting action-feature and this figure is better off for it, as this now allows him to have a really awesome headsculpt. The eyes tend to bug me however. I know that the original toy had somewhat horizontal slits for eyes, but I would have liked them to sculpt/paint them vertically. Something about the way they look just doesn’t seem right. His chest is a fully tooled buck instead of an armor-like covering, and each individual scale is sculpted to perfection. This sculpting is continued on to his loincloth piece and looks equally great. The Horsemen have also taken a few liberties with this figure, such as sculpting new upper boots, and painting the line of scales down the center of his chest. I wish they would have continued with these liberties by painting the center strip of scales down the backside of his hooded head though, it tends to look very bland from the back. Also since Kobra Khan shares forearms with Whiplash he’s also cursed by having a wide open left hand, which makes holding anything in that hand completely pointless.

Kobra Khan, like Fisto, is another example of Classics done right. Here you once again receive enough accessories to create whichever incarnation of Kobra Khan you like the best. You’ve given a normal, vintage styled head, and another head with the open hood as depicted in the 2002 iteration of the franchise when Khan would ready an toxic spit. You’re also given a red blaster similar to the vintage toy. This one is a bit different though as it changes the sculpt a bit to not be identical to Zodaks. Lastly, Kobra Khan comes with his little lizard buddy that showed up in an episode of the 2002 cartoon. This little guy is a nice addition, though due to his sculpt if you don’t plan on perching him on Kobra Khan’s shoulder will probably end up in a parts bin as he can’t stand separately.

Not much to say that I didn’t already say with Fisto. The articulation still bugs me, and what make matters worse my Kobra Khan has loose ankles this time, and I’m not really sure why. That’s probably just mine though. What’s not just affecting my figure is the elbow joints. Something happened this time around where the elbow just does not want to bend as far as it’s suppose to. Maybe it’s too tight, maybe they resculpted and something got bungled, but whatever it is it’s a widespread issue and one that makes an already limited articulation scheme even more limited.

Complaints aside, this is a solid toy. He’s one that I’d easily rank in my top 5 MotUC figures of all time, but that may be partially fueled by nostalgia favoritism. Grab him if you need more Snakemen goodness (he’s a Snakeman, not an Evil Warrior, and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise) And hopefully the theories pan out and we’ll get Rattlor later this year to make my inner child giggle with glee!


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