Transformers Prime Deluxe Ratchet

I was pleasantly surprised today when after a quick trip to Walmart I came home with probably the one Transformer I’ve had the most trouble tracking down in recent memory: Deluxe PRID (Prime Robots in Disguise) Ratchet! So surprised even that he ended up completely bumping my original planned review for today. Is my excitement warranted or am I a victim of my own overhype?

There’s a lot of really good sculpted detail on Ratchet. The vehicle mode is adorned with panel lines and a lot of detailing on the back panel, while the robot mode does a good job of sculpting the fake hood-door chest. His proportions are great with the chunky calves and forearms, which is really seems to be an overall aesthetic for both the show and the toys. I’m very mixed on the paint applications though. At first glance it really doesn’t look like he has a lot. But as I started listing in my head the places where there are paint aps, the more I realized they were. It’s a weird balance that may be exaggerated by the white plastic and the lack of paint on his forearms and feet. The aps ARE there though. Missing of course are the heartbeat pinstripes on the side of his vehicle mode (Reprolabels please!). Also there seems to be a few instances of paint over/under spray on mine, but that’s usually a one-off deal. I also have a love-hate relationship with his transformation. I absolutely love his arms; any time there is a clever use of folding panels to create mass (in this case the forearms) the figures gets an A+ in my book. However the legs drive me crazy; The door/roof panels that form the back of his shins are always a nailbiter to move. It feels like I’m tearing plastic every-time I do it, so I don’t think I’ll be transforming him more than I have to.

Ratchet comes with both of his scalpel weapons. Maybe other than something random for Bulkhead to break I really can’t ask for anything more out of this figure. They can be stuck on the roof or the front bumper in vehicle mode for stabby-car action, or you can tab them in to the underside via two pegs I didn’t even know were there until I started writing this review. In robot mode they hold nicely in his hand and with a rotation of the wrist can be posed to look like they’ve popped out of his arms via transformation similar to the show. I haven’t really found anywhere to store them away in robot mode though. I’m sure someone will tell me and I’m missing something painfully obvious.

For the most part, articulation seems to be somewhat standard for a transformer these days. He sorta has double jointed elbows by having a swivel hinge at the top of the bicep which is nice, albeit a bit weird looking. He’s also blessed with a waist joint! A trait sometimes the first to be sacrificed in favor of transformation. There are some limitations though. While it’s great that he has a naturally sculpted ankle-tilt the feet are pretty much stuck in place. His head, while having a fully functional ball joint, has a few collision problems between his chin and collar sculpting. Other than that, this figure moves like a charm.

If I were to create a metric based on how believably a transformer toy can beat up a Vehicon, than Ratchet would get an A+. This figure is great and well worth the hunt. I’d avoid the Takara version if at all possible as it plans to do away with all of its paint aps in lieu of stickers. The Doctor is in!


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