D-Arts Medabots Rokusho

Back when Pokemon was starting to become a thing, a lot of other properties tried to follow suit. The one I ended up attaching myself to was Medabots. A charming little show, but not enough to pull me into any video games, toylines or what have you. Then the D-Arts line started: Bandai’s “digital figuarts” line that seems to mainly pull from video game properties. Medabots was one of the properties to come under this umbrella, and with it comes the angsty anti-hero Rokusho (who’s name I will mispell about 12 more times I’m sure) So let’s see how this little guy compares.

Figure Structure (sculpt and paint)
Rokusho is a gorgeous figure to look at. White and blue have always been a favorite color scheme of mine and this figure embraces it. What’s even better is that the blue is a nice crisp metallic which really pops against the plain yet still glossy white. Die cast is also present in the heels, elbow joints and knee joints which really go a long way to making such a little figure (about 4″) still feel like a big deal. Sculpt-wise I’ve always liked the mis-proportions of the Medabots: big heads, chunky shins and Popeye arms are pretty much commonplace and this figure shows it off well. And who doesn’t love bug motifs! Unfortunately my figure suffered from being covered in mold release fluid, making him very greasy and unpleasant to play with. He still has remnants of it as of this review, almost 4 months after his release date!

Bandai rarely skimps on accessories with their Japanese lines and Rokusho is no exception. Included are two pairs of hands, three different faces, alternate wrist pieces for stored and open weapons, his medal, cloak and slashing effect part. The faces each convey a different expression (anger, surprise and normal) but once placed on the head it’s kind of difficult to really tell any difference. The medal stores in the hidden compartment in his back where it’s often forgot about, but is still a nice touch. I do love his cloak though, the sculpt is nice, and it really gives Rokusho character, even if that character is the agitated loner type. To put the cloak on you’re also given a separate longer neck joint (and spares in case you lose them) which does its job but with the cloak off it’s really not noticeable so I see no reason to keep the smaller joint around. Also due to the sculpt it’s necessary to remove the arm completely and lay it aside. I really don’t like the step; however, I dislike the alternative of a bulky cumbersome cloak even more. And of course the slash effect part. I love effect parts so this is a perfect accessory for me.

Articulation is a mixed bag for me. Rokusho has all the joints you’d come to expect, and in theory they all work fine. However, every single joint is very prone to pop-off with the slightest bit of force. Now, Medabots originally had a gimmick where they could steal parts from other Medabots to power themselves up. So if these loose joints are in order to take advantage of that gimmick than I can forgive it to a point, but I still don’t have to like it. It makes an otherwise good toy very frustrating, and it doesn’t excuse his shoulder pads falling off when you so much as blow on them.

Still, despite its flaws, I enjoy this figure. I wouldn’t recommend you pay full price for him, but if you ever liked Medabots, or just think his design is cool, or have a fetish for guys in cloaks then track him down. Just remember it’s probably better to find a pose you like and just stand him on the shelf until you’re tired of him.

D-Arts Medabots Rokusho
Manufactured by Bandai
Sold by: AmiAmi, BigBadToyStore, HobbyLinkJapan


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