VinylVault: Godzilla Tokyo Vinyl

I will always claim to not be a fan of Designer Vinyl toys.  I will always claim this with a shelf full of Mighty Muggs, and a bin full of Glyos.  I will continue to claim this as I talk about the Tokyo Vinyl Godzilla figure.  But what can I say, this guy just speaks to a lot of my aesthetic tastes.  He’s chunky and mis-proportioned (I don’t want to say chibi-fied) and just seems to have a presence about him on your shelf.

I gotta admit, I really really like this toy.  This guy is based on the 2004 Godzilla design (Final Wars), which other than the box telling you so I find hard to differentiate in this particular aesthetic.  I assume it’s the back spines and skin color that gives it away, but I don’t want to make uneducated claims.  I really like the way they detailed the figure, making his scales large and individualized was a good choice over making him completely smooth (that’s coming in a later black and white release)  The texture and color really makes him a toy you want to continually pick up and mess with.  He’s also got a nice chunk too him and is a lot wider than pictures tend to illustrate.  His face sculpt is also awesome; really making him look adorable and menacing all at the same time.  Only complaint I have it the different blues in his back spines.  His back is cast in blue, while the tail is painted.  They got it as close as they could but you can see the color difference, and that’s always a pet peeve of mine.

All in all, I’d say this figure is worth a look if you’re a fan of Godzilla or vinyl toys.  The $18 pricetag is a bit offputting until you realize the size (6″ high) and remember that this IS made of vinyl, which is always more expensive than other plastics.  Between him and MechaGodzilla I’m sure you’ll find one that will strike your fancy.

Note: Apologies for the inconsistent color, dude was not easy on the Camera


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